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Thanks from Frank

EVERYONE who has helped me make Frank Sings Frank a reality….

To the Lord God above, I give thanks for providing me with the “gift” of song and voice and my love and passion for singing and entertaining and the ability to “memorize” the lyrics for over 300 songs!

To my (long-deceased) Parents, Frank and Pat who so loved Frank Sinatra and played and sang his music all the time. It's one of my fondest childhood memories and certainly a “huge” influence in my appreciation for Frank's voice, music and singing style.

To my beautiful and loving wife Cindy of 38 years, who puts up with all my “hamming” and my constant singing and who has been (and remains) my biggest fan, critic, manager and supporter (both morally and financially) of this project from the very beginning…. I LOVE YOU!!!

To my life-long best friend who I've known now for over 55 years: Jim (aka Rit) Groeninger of Huntington, NY who has an unquenchable passion for music, singing and guitar playing and who has greatly influenced, encouraged and critiqued me through the years….we were singing together in the boys choir at St. Hugh of Lincoln Catholic school in the early 60's, and in a small rock-and-roll band as pre-teens/teenagers. I thoroughly enjoy singing and harmonizing with him every time we get together. Check out this talented singer/musician “Jimmy G Sings” at:

To Professor LaDuca, my first choir director at St Hugh's. He was a strict disciplinarian but our choir always sounded great! He actually threw a book at me (and it hit me) at choir practice one time because I wasn't paying attention! How about that for “old school”? But he did teach me to sing!

To Diane Nestor, music ministry and choir director at Ascension Catholic Church in Virginia Beach who convinced me to join the choir 12 years ago now and who has helped develop and strengthen my voice as well as provide me with the confidence to proclaim the word of God in song as a cantor and to perform before large audiences.

To my beautiful daughter Christina (21) who was my very first music “partner” and sound technician at all my early gigs. Even though she's not as big a fan of Sinatra's music as I am, she's MY biggest fan and I love her for it!

To my sound technicians and music assistants (Eric Mitchell, Ben and Annie Clarke and Sarah DeNoble) who have taken turns going on all my gigs with me and helped set up and made the music and my voice sound great at all my performances over the years.

To Curtis Key (original owner) and Will and Linda Rodriguez (current owners) of “Ripple Studios” in Chesapeake for producing and recording my first two CD's (Frank Sings Frank volumes I and II) and making the entire process a very enjoyable and memorable one.

To my remarkably talented niece Jenn and her equally gifted husband Alan Loots of Chicago, Ill. Jenn was the creator and graphic artist/photographer behind the overall concept and design of both my CD covers, calling cards and artistic insight on the “website”. Alan has been my webmaster for almost 6 years now and is a gifted professional and proprietor of Revin Designs, LLC. Together, they did all the work to make it a really impressive, professional looking, and “very cool” website! Thanks so much for all your loyal and dedicated work.

To ALL the folks who have hired me or asked me to sing at their parties, weddings, banquets etc…..anyone who know me, knows that I absolutely love to sing and entertain….especially Sinatra's songs!

And Finally… thanks to the “Voice”, the “Chairman of the Board” himself, whose music and unique singing style and phrasing influenced me at a very early age and for brining into the music world timeless recordings and performances of some of the most beautiful songs (“standards”) ever recorded.

Long Live Frank Sinatra's Music, Style and Songs! ….and as for me…”THE BEST IS YET TO COME” !

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